My great uncle writes emails better than yours

My great uncle has been an important figure in my life since my first years, during which we both lived in Chicago. As we now inhabit separate continents, we see one another only once a year (if we are lucky!) but manage to stay in touch regularly through email.

Despite being in his late 80s, my great uncle is a proficient user of computer technology and in his emails includes gems of knowledge that can be drudged up on various topics using the internet. 

Samples from recent correspondence:

Do you know that Sweden has the rep of producing geniuses & then virtually ignoring them? Two examples were said to be Ingmar Bergman and Ingrid Bergman (no kin that I know of). So don't let them ignore you. Say "Where's my Nobel?"


Wishing you well--will that be a full year stay [in Stockholm]? Since you never did get to the CERN collider [when you lived in Geneva], I want you to try and make up for it by going to volunteer to help w the Nobel Prizes.


Haven't heard from you for a while...have you fallen off the edge of the earth and if not, what portion of it do you now occupy? Text gladly received that will clarify same. 


J: It's 4:23 pm on Thu Apr 6th & I'm astounded you answered that qn so soon....snow is happily falling I will do my countries tomorrow--I think there are 22--today has been a long day. I'm really surprised that despite having a thoroughly Italian grandmother, you've apparently not landed a toe in Italy. That is a wrong that desperately needs a righting.*
*Editor's note: I have, in fact, been to Italy but omitted this accidentally in a list of countries I had visited


Here we see much more mundane thgs: last night saw five live deer not all that far from my window & was also told a young bold turkey flew through the large plate glass window in our main dining room! Was told there was glass all over & once caught, not much left of turkey.


J: Just re-viewed that video you sent last year called "Dinner for one" that's shown so widely on German TV on New Year's eve. From Wikipedia, I learn that the Germans watch an Engl-language version of it--it was originally a Brit music hall skit. The mystery to me is that anyone finds it funny at all--I find it sad to watch the servg man become drunk & drunker & wonder if this is somehow the appeal. It has always been my experience (sometimes very close to home) that people who find gettg drunk most funny are those who are gettg drunk.
Wonder what your own reaction was/is or if you even remember it. I found it most curious that no Engl-language country runs & re-runs it the way the Germans do.

Julia Burgi